Verndari, Inc.

Verndari, Inc., a preclinical-stage biotechnology company based in Napa, California, is transforming vaccines through next generation science and technology.  Verndari is dedicated to improving global healthcare with more effective delivery of vaccines at lower cost to populations around the world. 

The company has a pipeline of several innovative vaccine platforms to prevent a wide range of infectious diseases. 

Verndari’s proprietary VaxiPatch™ vaccine delivery system is an easy-to-use, painless, highly effective, and dose-sparing intradermal microneedle delivery system which has the potential to be self-administered.  The innovation can be used with both proprietary and conventional vaccines against COVID-19, influenza, shingles, rabies, and a range of other infectious disease threats.  Our technology was intentionally developed to increase preparedness against future known and unknown infectious disease threats.  Verndari’s VaxiPatch technology platform aims to optimize vaccine manufacturing, and distribution. 

Vaccine products under early-stage development are the Verndari Adjuvant System, (VAS 2.0.), a novel vaccine adjuvant that improves vaccine effectiveness.  Verndari’s work has also demonstrated that adjuvanted protein subunit pandemic-response vaccines can be produced that will feature cost-effective manufacture, simplicity of distribution, effectiveness at reduced doses, and ease of administration.

The company’s patented and patent-pending discoveries aim to help healthcare leaders overcome the technical hurdles that have impeded universal access to life-saving vaccines and therapeutics.