About Verndari

Verndari, Inc. was founded in 2015 with the goal of improving global health care by modernizing vaccines and delivery systems to prevent infectious disease. The privately held company, based in Napa, California, aims to treat emerging diseases and pandemic threats with rapid response vaccine production and a single-dose vaccination kit that can be used worldwide to enable simple shelter-in-place inoculation with a microneedle patch applied to the back of the hand.

Vaccine access: The company aims to substantially lower vaccination costs to make disease prevention affordable globally.

Verndari aims to:

  • Use cutting-edge technology to design and develop more effective vaccines
  • Produce vaccines for existing and emerging threats
  • Provide a unique, complete vaccine kit that enables self-administration
  • Develop room-temperature stable vaccines with no need for refrigeration
  • Manufacture vaccine kits at very high volumes and low cost
  • Protect more people at lower cost globally.

What Sets Verndari Apart

Verndari, Inc. has developed its patented VaxiPatch™, a complete vaccination kit that can be applied to the back of the wrist or arm.  The kit contains a wipe to clean the vaccination site, the VaxiPatch™ device, and a spot bandage to cover the site post-vaccination.  After vaccine administration, the VaxiPatch™ is simply peeled off the skin.

Verndari’s pain free, shelter-in-place vaccines can be shipped at room temperature and are designed to be manufactured at high speed and low cost for a global healthcare initiative.  The VaxiPatch™ kit provides a simple and painless procedure that greatly reduces the need for medically trained professionals who currently supervise the injection process.  Verndari vaccines are dose-sparing, and provide more protection using only one-tenth of the amount of active vaccine ingredient.

This next generation method of vaccine antigen production is coupled with a new approach to adjuvants, substances that enhance immune response, and high-volume automated production of a room-temperature stable, single-dose vaccination kit. The process was designed to encompass all aspects of vaccination production and delivery to enable a rapid response capable of addressing pandemic threats.

Our process eliminates the need for the “cold chain” requiring refrigeration of vaccines from their production through human injection. The antigen and adjuvants inserted in the microneedle array are dried and remain stable and effective without refrigeration. This room-temperature stability eliminates the need for refrigeration, which can account for up to a third of the total vaccine cost. VaxiPatch™ kits can be shipped by commercial or government mail domestically and globally.