The VaxiPatch™ is a single-dose vaccination kit using intradermal microarray technology.

Verndari is commercializing a novel vaccination platform that enhances the performance of vaccines for existing and emerging infectious diseases. Verndari’s VaxiPatch™ is a proprietary single-dose vaccination kit using intradermal microarray technology.The VaxiPatch™ is designed to be dose sparing and pain-free while eliminating the need for cold chain shipping and storage, facilitating high-volume automated manufacturing.

Applying the VaxiPatch™ Is Quick, Easy and Painless

To administer, the VaxiPatch™ is placed on the wrist and a light adhesive holds the patch in place. Slight pressure causes a “snap” mechanism to bring the microarray tips into contact with the skin. Upon application, the microarray tips containing vaccine penetrate the skin, and the dry vaccine is released from the VaxiPatch™ through rehydration by the interstitial fluid. The vaccine is delivered efficiently to the high-density populations of immune cells directly beneath the surface of the skin. After 5 minutes the VaxiPatch™ is removed.
Verdati VaxiPatch tm Microneedle Array

VaxiPatch™ Microneedle Array

The VaxiPatch™ Is Engineered For Precise Dosing

Verndari’s proprietary microneedle design was developed to ensure precise vaccine dose dispensing.  Verndari’s VaxiPatch™ coated with vaccine is integrated into single-use applicator, ready-for-vaccination. The product is designed to be effective and easy-to-use, while meeting industrial-scale manufacturing and commercial logistics requirements.The VaxiPatch™ was designed for high-speed, high-volume, automated manufacturing using low-cost and readily available materials including medical grade stainless steel.  Verndari is developing the VaxiPatch™ to be manufactured using GMP-compliant, automated, aseptic fill/finish systems.
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