UC Davis

Verndari has been a member of the University of California, Davis’ Venture Catalyst since 2016. 

Venture Catalyst drives the successful development of new ventures by bridging the gap between early-stage research and commercialization.  Verndari’s laboratories are co-located at UC Davis Medical Center.  We have ongoing working relationships with key UC Davis programs including BioMedical Engineering, the Mouse Biology Program, the UC Davis GMP manufacturing facility and the Clinical and Translational Science Center’s Clinical Research Center.


In August 2020, Verndari was one of four companies selected by BARDA to develop alternative vaccine technologies. Verndari received $1M funding in a cost-shared program to accelerate development of our proprietary VaxiPatch™. The funding came under BARDA’s DRIVe program. Verndari has been highlighted within BARDA DRIVe’s Beyond the Needle initiative. The mission of BARDA’s Beyond the Needle program is to transform vaccination and other drug delivery by helping bring new technologies into market that offer alternative routes of administration so that needles and syringes are no longer the default modality, making them easier to administer, in a broader range of settings, without the need for needles, syringes, vials, and cold-chain transport.

The advantages of the VaxiPatch technology are aligned with the BARDA’s Beyond the Needle initiative. Verndari was one of six partnerships highlighted by the initiative for innovative vaccine delivery technologies. Beyond the Needle is developing alternative vaccine technologies to make vaccinations easier to administer and more widely available.