Verndari Technology

Verndari Technology Enhances Vaccine Efficiency and Improves Vaccine Delivery

Verndari’s VaxiPatch™ is a proprietary intradermal vaccine delivery technology designed to enhance vaccine efficiency.  The VaxiPatch system can provide dose-sparing vaccines by delivering a fractional dose of antigen while eliciting the desired immune response. As a direct result, a given level of manufacturing can produce dramatically more final product, which can be used to increase availability of vaccines globally.

Verndari’s VaxiPatch™ Technology Addresses a Diverse Population

Our vaccine delivery technology addresses the needs of diverse populations, including at-risk and pediatric patients as well as remote populations that have not had timely access to pandemic vaccines.

Verndari aims to provide a pain-free vaccine delivery system that can reduce needle phobia, which has been shown to increase vaccine hesitancy.

Verndari’s VaxiPatch™ is Easy to Administer:

  • The VaxiPatch™ is placed on the wrist.
  • Slight pressure causes a “snap” mechanism to bring the needles in contact with the skin, and after 5 minutes the VaxiPatch is removed
  • No needle, syringe or medical professionals are required.
  • VaxiPatch is designed to produce no pain upon application because a single microneedle point is less than 600 micrometers (0.6 mm) in height – shorter than the depth of sensory nerves below the skin surface.

Verndari’s Compelling Science and Technology Has the Potential to Improve Global Health Care:

Proof of concept of the VaxiPatch™ device has previously been demonstrated with: (1) a live attenuated measles vaccine, and (2) an FDA-approved quadrivalent influenza vaccine.  Proof of concept of adjuvanted protein subunit vaccines on VaxiPatch was shown with: (1) a monovalent influenza pandemic strain (published in Vaccine), (2) a Shelter-In-Place COVID-19 vaccine candidate under funding from BARDA, and (3) an FDA-approved seasonal quadrivalent influenza vaccine. 

A preclinical study, published in Vaccine, examined Verndari’s proprietary influenza vaccine administered with its patented VaxiPatch technology. Verndari used novel formulations of genetically engineered, single, purified protein antigens or “subunits,” along with novel formulations of adjuvants. Verndari created a single monovalent component of a quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine that uses recombinant influenza hemagglutinin (rHA) as the immunogenic active ingredient for influenza virus B/Colorado/06/2017. This rHA performs in the FDA-approved single radial immunodiffusion (SRID) potency test.  Results showed that when compared with an existing influenza vaccine, Verndari’s antigen produced as much as a 15-fold higher immune response with 1/15 of the dose of the B/Colorado/06/2017 influenza strain HA.

Verndari’s work has also demonstrated that certain adjuvanted protein subunit vaccines can be produced that offer cost-effective manufacture, simplicity of distribution, effectiveness at reduced doses, and ease of administration.

Verndari’s Science and Technology Enables Streamlined Manufacturing of Vaccines:

Verndari VaxiPatch kits are designed for automated mass production, a cost-effective approach that can increase global access to potentially life-saving treatments. Verndari is engineering a high-speed production line that will be cGMP- (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.  Verndari plans for a production facility with four parallel lines – a combined capacity of 4 million VaxiPatch kits per week.  The process allows for different vaccine kits to be produced within the same facility.

Verndari’s VaxiPatch™ Technology Improves Vaccine Manufacturing Sustainability and Efficiency:

Verndari’s platform technology incorporates readily available materials, such as medical grade stainless steel, and room temperature processing and storage, avoiding many recent supply-chain problems such as the shortage of glass vials and syringes.  Verndari’s VaxiPatch can mitigate the user safety and environmental impacts of biohazard sharps waste that occurs with traditional IM vaccine products.

Verndari’s vaccine science has the potential to increase vaccine shelf-life and/or reduce the reliance on the cold chain.  Our proprietary vaccine science can greatly reduce the logistical and economic challenges of cold-chain handling and storage.

Verndari aims to reduce vaccine production and delivery costs per dose, to improve global healthcare through providing greater availability of product that is easier to distribute globally.