Verndari Technology

Verndari, Inc. is developing transformational technologies that combine cutting edge vaccine design with next generation delivery.

VaxiPatch™ is a complete single-dose vaccination kit - the only one of its kind in the world - that provides a complete vaccine package of antigen + adjuvant + delivery.  This vaccine technology can be used for both existing vaccines and new vaccine development. 

The goal of the VaxiPatch™ is to improve vaccine efficacy and to simplify and improve delivery by eliminating the need for the “cold chain,” or refrigeration. The VaxiPatch™ kit eliminates the reliance on healthcare professionals to administer vaccines.  VaxiPatch™ does not require an intramuscular injection – there is no need for sterile use of a needle and syringe. The VaxiPatch™ vaccination is accomplished with a painless microneedle patch application to the back of the wrist or arm, which can be self-administered.

Vaccine delivery to the skin (intradermal or “ID”) rather than through an intramuscular (“IM”) injection has multiple advantages.  Immunologists have shown that the skin contains a higher concentration of professional antigen presenting cells (“APCs”).  An immunologist attempting to use the adaptive immune system to produce vaccines to destroy tumor cells or trying to induce immune tolerance for the treatment of allergies must access APCs. The skin hosts more APCs, including mast cells, Langerhans cells and dendritic cells, than any other location in the body.  Thus, VaxiPatch™ applied vaccines can reach many more APCs than traditional intramuscular vaccines.

In addition, vaccination with proteins delivered to the skin frequently enables the use of a smaller dose of vaccine than through the traditional injection.  Verndari vaccines have a dose-sparing effect, meaning that they can provide up to ten times more protection with the same amount of vaccine.

A safe, modern approach to vaccine science

Verndari uses a modern approach to vaccines that has been proven to be extremely safe.  Verndari utilizes single purified protein antigens produced by genetic engineering in protein expressions, rather than some traditional methods of vaccinations.

Verndari employs a unique combination of adjuvants—substances that can greatly enhance immune response that are often used in modern vaccines. Verndari uses 3D-(6-acyl)-PHAD and QS-21 as adjuvants. Use has shown that the use of IMQ in the elderly can increase protection rate from 37 percent to 90 percent. QS-21 is an adjuvant proven to be effective in other vaccines and is derived from the bark of the Chilean soap tree.

The VaxiPatch™ technology facilitates high-volume automated manufacturing.  Verndari’s proprietary manufacturing system is designed to produce 100 VaxiPatch™ kits per minute in a single production line. The vaccine in each VaxiPatch adheres to the well of the microneedles in the patch. As the vaccines and adjuvants dry into a sugar glass, they remain stable without refrigeration.


Figure 2 shows a VaxiPatch MicroArray with the needles turned up into the dispensing position.